National Search & Rescue Association, Inc.


Bulletin Board

Plan on attending the

Summer Convention

in Power County

June 14-17



 Friday night raffle tickets for the annual convention have been mailed to all unit commanders, National officers and PNC's.  You must be a National Search & Rescue member to purchase tickets, but you do not have to be present at the Friday night meeting to win. 

Tickets are $1.00 each or six for $5.00. 

First prize is a Warn Winch

Second prize is a Custom Gun Cabinet

 Third prize is $100.00 cash

Feel free to contact 

Terry Stewart, PNC at 208-221-6897 or

 for additional tickets.



Ron Stillwell, 2nd Vice Commander and keeper of all unit and PNC scrapbooks is looking to "add" to his collection.  Many units appoint a "Unit Reporter" to document searches and training events.  Send these folks out with a digital camera and then print two sets of photos at days end, one set for your units memoir's and one for inclusion in the National scrapbook and/or monthly paper.  We're proud of our service to our community and reserve all bragging rights.  Remember, a picture is worth a 1000 words.



 John Gornick, National Historian is in the process of compiling a history book.  Seek out the charter members and/or historians in your unit and help them to relay the history of the unit.  From puberty to present day we want to preserve these great moments in time for the pleasure of our posterity.  Pictures of your meetinghouse, charter members and equipment are welcome additions to this great volume of unit history.  Please address all questions and correspondence to:


John Gornick

P.O. Box 786

Whitehall, MT 59759



 Units need to complete the

National Log Report

(available under "forms")

and submit the report,

 on a bi-annual basis to:

Cole Colvin, Log Book Committee Chairman  2176 No. Travis Way

 Idaho Falls, ID 83402

  For questions about the form or recording information

call Cole at 208-523-5406.


Charter Junior Membership

 The Junior Membership Program started almost two years ago.  These young adults are the future of our National Search & Rescue Association.  It was voted that any members who has a child(ren) that would like to become a Junior Member can join as long as they meet the requirements.  If you are interested or have any questions please contact: Reid Stewart at 208-945-2931.



The National Search & Rescue Association publishes the Search and Rescue News which is mailed to every member monthly.  To include your article, pictures and/or search stories or if you have not received your newspaper with your annual paid membership dues, contact Newspaper Editor,

Jean Carter at 208-852-1313

or e-mail your information to

(all correspondence MUST contain

"SAR Attn: Jean" in the subject line)

or mail your comments to:

 Jean at 369 So. 4th West, Preston, ID 83263.


 Sandra Drury, PNC-Cookbook Chairman

 Cookbooks are ready for purchase at the annual convention. 


Or you can order through:

Sandra Drury


Sandra Drury

5025 S 1400 W

Preston, ID 83263