National Search & Rescue Association, Inc.




The National Search & Rescue Association, Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer organization whose members are committed to render aid and assistance to all those in need. Search and rescue members receive specialized training in areas such as first aid/CPR, law enforcement, man tracking, dog handling, winter and desert survival skills, cave and high angle rescue, and off-road vehicle driving. The National Search & Rescue Association, Inc. sponsors training meetings three times yearly at minimal cost to all members and publishes monthly newsletters for sharing of information with all units and members.


To learn more about your local search and rescue organization follow the links for the state in which you live. If your home state is not listed, try contacting your local sheriff or fire department for more information. For more information on National Search & Rescue Association, or to obtain a copy of the brochure shown below, you can call the following toll free number. 1-877-GO-4-NSRA.





Recognizing the responsibility of our dedication to the people of our country, and believing that we should encourage and foster high ethical standards in our work, we do hereby adopt the following code of ethics for our constant guidance and inspiration predicated upon the basic principles of safety, truth, justice and fair play.

  • To show faith in the worthiness of our service by our honesty and courtesy in order to merit a reputation of high quality in our training for service and fair dealing.
  • To constantly add to the knowledge and practice in seeking better methods by constant study and sharing the lessons of our experience with our fellow members.
  • To build an ever increasing confidence and good will with the public and our government officials by poise, self-restraint and constructive cooperation.
  • To accept our full share of responsibility in constructive public service to our community, state and nation.
  • To strive to attain and to express a sincerity of character that shall enrich our human contacts, ever aiming toward the ideal of "the practice of the golden rule".