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START Training

(Survival Training And Rescue Technician) Certification Criteria
(Minimum 2 Hours Classroom - 2 Hours Practical Application)
Classes must be conducted by a trained professional with verifiable experience and/or expertise in the field in which the instruction is provided. Membership attendance, training topic and hours of instruction shall be logged by the unit Training Coordinator. Once the criteria has been met, the Training Officer sends a letter of completion (countersigned by the Sheriff or current unit Commander) to the National First Vice Commander.
Recognition of certification achievement will be presented at the National membership meeting immediately following notification of completion.


LEVEL III - UNIFORM ROCKER INSIGNIA (Recertification period = two years)
First Aid                                       8 hours*
CPR                                             8 hours*
Communications                           4 hours
GPS/Compass/Map/Topo              4 hours
Wilderness Survival                       4 hours
Option one                                   4 hours
Option two                                   4 hours


LEVEL II - UNIFORM ROCKER INSIGNIA (Recertification Period = two years)
Crime Scene Preservation               3 hours
Hazardous Materials                       3 hours
Natural Disaster Response              3 hours
Air Support & Landing                     3 hours
Option one                                     3 hours
Option two                                     3 hours


LEVEL I - UNIFORM ROCKER INSIGNIA (Recertification Period = two years)
Incident Management                      3 hours
Winter Survival                                3 hours
Traffic Control                                 3 hours
Downed Aircraft                              3 hours
Option one                                     3 hours
Option two                                     3 hours


Handgun Safety                              3 hours
Man Tracking                                 3 hours
National Security                            3 hours
High Angle Rescue                         3 hours
Swift Water Rescue                        3 hours
SCUBA Diving                                3 hours
Beacon/Avalanche Probe                3 hours
Record Keeping                             3 hours
Confined Space                             3 hours
* Must be administrated by a Certified Instructor